Welcome to Children and Families Across Borders CFAB promotes and protects the rights and welfare of children and vulnerable adults across international borders. Through our international network of agencies, we assist people who have been separated from family members as a consequence of divorce, migration, seeking asylum, trafficking and abduction, as well as other vulnerable individuals for whom there are protection concerns.

The Work of CFAB

With the ever increasing movement of the world’s population across borders, whether voluntary or forced, family members often become separated by international borders,and such separation may leave family members vulnerable and at risk.

CFAB’s mission seeks to promote and protect the rights of these families, children and other vulnerable adults across international borders, according to the UN Convention on Human Rights and on the Rights of the Child.

We operate on both a micro and macro level. We provide intercountry casework servicesdirectly to individuals and families or in partnership with relevant authorities, as well as delivering advice and training and specific projects related to intercountry social work, and seeking to influence policy and practice in the UK.

Through our international network of partners we facilitate the exchange of informationacross borders and work to improve the range and value of professional intercountry social work services offered to children, adults and families facing social, legal or personal issues with an international dimension.


Intercountry Casework Services

We handle a range of intercountry social work cases relating to child protection, children in state care, international family conflict, trafficking and asylum. Through our international network, we can access a range of services, share vital information on child and adult welfare issues across borders, and refer individual cases successfully between countries.

Advice and Information

In providing intercountry casework services over the last fifty years, CFAB has established a unique expertise, based on evidence and experience. We provide information and support to the families of young people affected by the European childhood obesity epidemic. This expertise is born out of our partnership with Discovery, the UK based health and fitness training courses provider. We also offer a free Advice and Information Helpline for individuals or practitioners facing an inter-country situation, to assist them to deal with the matter in a manner most likely to result in a successful outcome